Where can I purchase Erasa products?

Erasa products are sold exclusively at erasaskincare.com and we cannot guarantee products that are sold from any unauthorized source. Currently we only accept and ship orders to residents in the United States. We are working on international sales compliance and hope to be able to ship to other countries in the future. 

How do I receive help with an order or makes changes to an existing order?

We would be happy to help you with any questions comments or concerns you may have. Customer Service is available from 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday Eastern Standard Time, after hours please email: hello@erasaskincare.com

Does Erasa offer a guarantee on its products?

Erasa stands behind its products with a 100% guarantee. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee with return of the bottle. Customer Service is available to help you with any return or questions you may have about this policy, Please consult the Return Policy section for details - https://www.erasaskincare.com/returns

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Results may vary, depending on several factors, and thus are not guaranteed. Results experienced should not be considered permanent.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, sales tax will only be applied to any order that has a shipping address within New York. Sales tax will be calculated using the New York State tax rates. We do not collect tax from any other state and it is the responsibility of the customer to pay any local tax due in their state.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accepts the all major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We do not accept the following methods of payment: CODs, personal checks, money orders, gift cards, or gift certificates. Please note that for your security, your billing name and address must match that of the credit card used for payment. We reserve the right to cancel any order that does not match these criteria.

What do I do if my shipment or product arrived damaged?

We do our best to pack and ship your item with the utmost care. There may be times when an item is damaged in transit. Please inspect the carton upon arrival for any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process. If damage occurred to the item(s) in your shipment Contact Customer Service at 1-844-30-ERASA or email hello@erasaskincare.com

What is XEP-30™?

Developed by a year-long combined research effort between Activen and BioMimetic Laboratories, XEP-30™ is the next generation’s answer to Activen’s widely available XEP-18 neuropeptide, an ingredient derived from cone snail toxin and used for cosmetic purposes. 

If I stop using Erasa, will it reverse the improvements in my skin?

As with any cosmetic agent, the best effects should be achieved with continued use. 

How can I find out what ingredients are in a product?

The complete ingredients are listed on the packaging of all Erasa products and erasaskincare.com at this link: https://www.erasaskincare.com/product-info. If you have an additional ingredient inquiry that is not satisfied by the information posted on the packaging & website, please call us at +1.844.30.ERASA or contact us at hello@erasaskincare.com

How long does the product last?

Our 1.7 oz. Erasa XEP-30 bottle should last 8-10 weeks while following our application instructions.

Does your company test their products on animals?

BioMimetic Laboratories/ Erasa Skincare adheres to the Skyler Brand Ventures Code of Testing Ethics and ensures that no animals are used in any form of testing of its cosmetic products or their ingredients. As an incubator founded and run by cosmetic scientists, Skyler has strong corporate principles about the development of cosmetic products without using test animals. This policy not only meets the wishes of many consumers, but also reflects the progress of scientific research and the corresponding legal environment.

What kind of product safety testing do you do?

As a company that uses Skyler Brand Ventures as our primary research and development partner, our safety testing rivals the best procedures in the industry. Our professional and conscientious safety assessments are based on the relevant criteria laid down in the legislation and by recognized expert bodies. We test each individual substance and combinations of different substances using special test methods to ensure that they pose no threat to health and are compatible with the skin.

Do your products contain parabens?

No. Erasa products are paraben-free.

Want to be a retail partner?

We are actively seeking retail partners, if you are interested in exploring business opportunities with Erasa, please contact us at: ecommerce@erasaskincare.com.